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St. Anne's, Port Franks

10027 Port Franks Drive


Please join us Sunday mornings at 8:30am


St. Anne’s was built in it's current location in 1959 or 1960. Prior to this, in about 1957 or 1958, the Church had been located just to the north of the Mud Creek bridge on the north side. Services were only in the summer months and were held in a huge army tent with makeshift wooden floors assembled from pallets.


The parish proved to be a flourishing one and the Diocese proceeded with the construction of St Anne’s in the summer of 1960 which was consecrated later that year. The vestry journal indicates that the first service was on Oct 2 of that year and services were held through the following winter. It was closed in 1961 for the winter and re-opened for the summer months only in 1962. This was the case for many years.


Through the years note that St Annes moved from being under Thedford to under Forest and in years following St Annes was under St Johns, Grand Bend. The bishop at that time would change the deanery boundaries that we were linked to.


Attendance between the 60’s to the 70’s grew from about 15 to 25. In the early 80’s attendance was in the mid 30’s and remained at this level into the 90’s. When Edgar Healey was at St. Annes from 1987 until 2003 and the attendance was about 25 to 30.

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