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Gardening Committee  


The gardening committee of St. John's is open to anyone interested in gardening. We are active during the spring preparing the gardens and buying and planting the flowers. During the summer months we water and weed and keep the gardens tidy. In the fall we remove the spent plants and prune where necessary, and the gardens are put to bed for the winter. 'Many hands make light work’.

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Event Committee 

The Events Committee organizes a variety of activities that are fun to attend, promote fellowship, and allow members to get to know one another. Some events are aimed at raising money to help with expenses or in support of a charity, food drive or other community need. Other events are meant to celebrate our Church with less emphasis on raising money. 

Communication Committee

The Communications Committee has a large mandate comprising of several files, including website development and maintenance, Facebook administration, distribution of announcements and other newsworthy content, creation of the quarterly Newsletter – the St. John’s-by-the-Lake Beacon – and the making and distribution of the Welcome Tote Bags. 

Its purpose is to keep everyone within the parish, and many outside its bounds, informed about the activities of the parish. The Committee meets as required, and the committee members are very active in their respective roles.

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Stewardship Committee

The  Stewardship Committee reports to the Parish Council and concerns itself with the resources of the church, both financial and congregational. At the heart of the Christian faith is the need to love and support others. Our understanding of ‘stewardship’ has been growing and expanding  beyond the narrow definition of looking after our finances and capital assets. It is more importantly about: nurturing ourselves spiritually in God, growing communally in love for each other, responding generously financially in the giving of our resources, building up the membership of people who put their trust in God, and increasing our outreach and compassion for others. These are the pillars of good and faithful stewardship.

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